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78Peter Nylund

Muay Thai/Boxing


Peter Nylund – Professional Trainer
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23 professional fights in Muay Thai and Boxing

2000 Swedish Welterweight Shootfighting Champion
2001 Swedish Junior Middleweight Muay Thai Champion

Contender in the 2002 Kings Birthday Celebration Super 8 Tournament in Bangkok, Thailand

5 fights on Thai and Cambodian National Television (Channel 7, Channel 5, UBC Network)

3 Superfights in Fighter Extreme in Stockholm, Sweden, broadcasted on Swedish Viasat Network 

After a successful amateur career in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, Peter turned pro in Bangkok, Thailand at age 19. He fought extensively in Bangkok and Phnom Penh, earning a spot in the famed Super 8 Tournament for the King of Thailand?s Birthday Celebration in December 2002. In 2003 Peter relocated to Los Angeles, California to continue his career as a fighter and made the switch to boxing after a year of training with former World Super Middleweight Champion Frankie Liles. He further trained under Shadeed Suluki until December 2007 when he retired after two consecutive losses.  

Peter now teaches both Muay Thai and boxing to stay in contact with the sports that have given him a chance of many great experiences and to travel the world. As a trainer, he has trained numerous amateur fighters on their way to become professional, and approaches training from a practical and non-traditional point. 

Outside of the gym, Peter received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from California State University in 2014 and spends his time earning his stripes as a self-taught photographer.